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Qookeee - A circular baby closet.

Qookeee - A circular baby closet.

Address: London, United Kingdom
Phone: 02082127330

Baby clothing rental for up to age 24 months. Baby clothing is an often overlooked area of fast fashion, the huge amount of clothing parents need each year means lots of baby clothes will end up in landfill. Having worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years, Jacey the founder of Qookeee understands the clothing supply chain and it’s important for Jacey to know where the clothes come from and that the quality of the clothing could withstand being used multiple times by different families. For this reason Qookeee only source clothing with sustainable credentials. GOTS certified organic cotton, closed loop bamboo, and recycled fibres are currently offered because these fibres have a lower impact on the planet.

- Rent Premium brand baby wear
- Create your personalised bundles for your little one.
- Easily switch up your baby's wardrobe as they grow
- Reduce Baby clothing waste "Good for the Planet"

Visit today to start your Baby clothing journey.

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