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Messy Bees - Messy Play Sessions and Sensory Packs

Messy Bees - Messy Play Sessions and Sensory Packs

Address: Carshalton SM5 3DD, United Kingdom

Messy Bees run sensory and messy play sessions for 6 months to 4 years old in Carshalton, Banstead and Sutton. We also do theme based or made to order sensory packs which can be ordered online.

At Messy Bees we believe that:
- Children being exposed to new textures and experiences enhances their cognitive development.
- Babies and Children learn best when given the opportunity to experiment and discover their environment.
- Children learn, develop and thrive at different rates and in different ways. Some are happy to get involved in messy play whilst others take a little more time to gain confidence to explore their surroundings and new textures. But we promise to ensure that we will be there to support and encourage them at every session.

Join us at Messy Bees for our Messy Play sessions or take the experience home with our sensory packs.

Visit for your child's Messy Play sessions and Sensory packages.

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