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Parent & Baby dance session at our Parent & Child show in Carshalton, South London


Our antenatal online courses cover a wide range of topics for first time parents and seasoned parents. We aim to equip you with the right tools, mindset and to prepare you for the journey. Covering all aspects of labour, birth we also focus on well being in the fourth trimester including practical tips and advice about caring for your newborn. Our antenatal online course provides you information and guidance to inspire you to feel great and confident about yourself irrespective of the type of birth. Join in from the comfort of your own home and take this opportunity to interact with the expert who will be available to support you and answer any queries you may have. Our experts are here to support you in your journey.

Pregnancy Fitness & Nutrition

Embrace a nurturing space to connect with your body, mind, baby and fellow expectant mothers. Elevate your pregnancy journey with our empowering pregnancy fitness and nutrition! We provide a wide range of online pregnancy fitness classes from yoga to pilates, our sessions are delivered online specifically to ensure all the busy working mums out there get an opportunity to stay fit and healthy during their pregnancy. 

Baby & Toddler

Our baby and toddler educational sessions for parents are delivered by experts aimed to help parents educate/create awareness and empower; making parents confident on their parenting journey. We offer a variety of services from Baby massage, Baby reflexology, weaning, potty training and much more.

Breakfast & Brunch

Our breakfast and brunch events are curated for expectant parents and parents where experts are available for a chat, where parents can make new friends, relax and enjoy delicious food. Our breakfast and brunch events are themed and focus on wellbeing of mother and baby. 

Coffee club

Our coffee clubs are for parents to be, parents, grandparents and carers. Informal space to mingle with like minded people and make new friends. 

Coming Soon


We offer a variety of events for children and parents from baby music to toddler yoga, arts/crafts and seasonal community events.

Business Directory

We believe in supporting businesses and our directory aims to connect parents to services/products. Browse our directory for unique and trusted services/products for your baby/children or your wellbeing.


Shop for baby products, baby books, mind cards and gifts.

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